Orange County, FL Mediation Lawyers

There are good reasons for mediation lawyers to practice in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). They are involved in assisting clients in resolving various types of legal disputes that take place ‘out of court’. These cases are known as arbitration and mediation, and these methods are impressively effective. They reduce time, lower costs, and dissipate the unseemly adversarial nature connected to most traditional proceedings battled out in court.

The law firm of Honeywell Mediation has made a stern commitment to taking a creative approach in addressing business issues. Efficiency is a key objective in finding the best solutions and results for their clients. They have a firm grasp of how crucial arbitration and mediation is when resolving disputes and issues between parties.

Certified mediators are certified by a statewide mediation program. This includes General Equity, Probate, and Civil matters, keeping in line with the standards set down by the Supreme Court of Florida.

Their civil lawyers have mediated settlements that total up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Serving as counsel and assisting in dispute resolution, enables them to bring their much needed skills to where they are most effective. ADR reaches across a broad range of industries. They have participated in mediation involving litigation for construction, real estate, insurance coverage, defamation, environmental, condominium transition, and a very broad range of commercial matters in general.

Their clients reap the benefits of their tremendous ability to both identify and resolve disputes that are better concluded outside of the court room. They can be reached 7 days a week, and are ready to give clients their full attention, with compassion and a dedication to strong advocacy.

Honeywell Mediation is there to handle will contests, probate administration, trust litigation, and inheritance disputes. This particular area of law needs to be handled by a trusted lawyer who is compassionate in helping in serious family matters. They are conscientious and ready to do what it takes to get the best results for their clients.

When it comes to litigation you can be confident in Honeywell. The firm is well versed in all the various aspect involved with law. It is very comprehensive, and calls for knowledge and expertise in drafting agreements, negotiations, rights protection, intellectual property, and a broad range of other matters which do not involve conflict.

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