The Benefits of Mediation

Opting for mediation services has its advantages. In many situations the mediation process is an ideal conflict resolution process that gives two participants the opportunity to discuss their problems, clarify misunderstandings, find common ground, and avoid the repercussions that come with lawsuits. To better understand the purposes of mediation, here are some benefits of resolving your problem with the help of a Mediator:

Mediation is Faster
The mediation process generally lasts several days or a few weeks, depending on the individual case, and issues are resolved quickly. Lawsuits can be complex and may take months or even years to resolve.

Mediation is More Affordable
Depending on the individual case, mediation services can be slightly or significantly less expensive than a typical lawsuit. The service charges of mediators are normally much less than those of attorneys, and because the process is faster with mediation, you will be paying for mediation services for less time than you would with legal services.

Mediation is Informal
In an informal setting, participants of a dispute will be much more likely to reach an agreement than in a courtroom with a variety of rules and procedures meant to separate both parties. In a mediation settling, participants can discuss topics more liberally and focus on the matters that are a priority to them.

Mediation is Confidential
In court, participants looking to resolve an issue may be accompanied by an array of different legal representatives, attorneys, or witnesses. Mediation, however, is private and confidential, and documents or other evidence are not a necessary part of the process.

Mediation Yields Results
The combination of benefits and advantages that are offered by mediation lead to it having a better outcome and improved resolution rate from a traditional lawsuit. Parties are normally more satisfied with mediation as the settlement is mutually decided, and compliance is much greater in mediation than in processes involving lawsuits.

Mediation is better for Relationships
One of the best and arguably important advantages of opting for mediation when resolving a dispute is that it tends to be less destructive to the business and personal relationships of the parties involved. This is because mediation is a collaborative rather than a competitive process, making consideration and understanding of the other person’s side more likely than in a lawsuit.