Online Calendar and Scheduling

You may schedule the professional dispute resolution services of mediation counsel, Dan Honeywell in a variety of ways:

Honeywell Mediation offers convenient state-of-the-art online scheduling for the maximum convenience of interested parties and their staff. The calendar seen to the left is constantly being updated and always represents the most current professional calendar available for Mr. Honeywell.

To schedule directly online, simply click on the date you wish to reserve or book, fill out the Online Date Request and send it online to immediately reserve your date and time. Your requested date will be confirmed as reserved by return email. Once you have confirmed your parties agreement to Mr. Honeywell as your mediator, simply complete the remainder of the intake form to confirm your reservation.

Once your booking is confirmed, you may review your guaranteed reservation at any time by simply placing your mouse over the reserved date for your event.

Or, after reviewing the current calendar, or your own, as you prefer, simply inquire about, reserve, book or confirm your selection by any of the other following alternative methods shown below.

Mediate First, Inc. of Orlando, Florida and Mediation Firm, Inc., of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, provide Mr. Honeywell’s administrative support, including scheduling, mediation pleadings, and billing.

Scheduling through Mediate First, Inc., may be thus alternatively made by website:, or
Telephone:  407-649-9495, or
Facsimile:  407-649-8698

Scheduling through Mediation Firm, Inc. may alternatively be made by, or,
Telephone: 800-741-7000 (or, in Orlando, 407-294-7000) or,
Facsimile: 954-767-0505

Honeywell Mediation of Winter Park-Orlando, Florida, and Mr. Honeywell may also be contacted directly, including for scheduling, at:
Internet:, or
Telephone: 407-647-5155 (or, his personal cell phone, 407-719-3717), or
Facsimile: 407-647-5122

Simple Scheduling Procedures Summary:

1. Check the availability of Mr. Honeywell by his online calendar, phone, fax or internet by any of the above means.

2. Choose where you wish your mediation to be held.  Free facilities are available at a number of convenient locations of your choice.

3. Submit your request online, by phone, fax or email to reserve the date(s), place and time(s) you select for the services you require

4. A confirmation of your scheduling for your requested services will be returned by mail, email and/or fax upon completion of your reservation.

5. To ensure your requested service is provided as scheduled, repetitive telephone and other confirmation modalities will then continue until your requested service is rendered.