Third Party Neutral Administration

Honeywell Mediation offers many types of alternate dispute resolution services, which includes mediation, arbitration, special master, and third party neutral administration plans. If your company needs advice in these matters, call up Honeywell Mediation to determine your needs and get things going.

What is a Third Party Administration?

Third Party Neutral Administration is using an impartial third party to help an individual or company to decide on administrative matters that are being argued between two or more parties. Honeywell Mediation works to assist parties in reaching an acceptable agreement regarding their issue.

Third Party Administration is a word used in the insurance or benefits field to define several types of arrangements. This can include things like a business offering some type of benefits or services to customer’s employer plans, or other projects such as health benefits or other arrangements. A Third Party Administration is geared to have a relationship with their customers similar to a law firm or a CPA. Honeywell Mediation can thereby help your company to set one up and help you to know exactly where your company stands in the process, as this can sometimes seem complicated if you have never dealt with one before.

What is the Business’ Role?

Third Party Administrations are not like the actual insurance agency, however, as some may believe. Instead, it is a relationship similar to what occurs between an employer plan and an independent CPA or law firm. It’s thereby a personalized plan that usually happens long term. However, the Third Party Administration is expected to provide a variety of services to the said plan, as well as implementing it and operating it, and doing some of the consulting services.

A Third Party Administration firm also keeps the legal responsibility for all decisions, and Honeywell Mediation can help you to understand how this affects your role when you set one up for your employees. This is because even though the Third Party Administration firm has legal responsibility, the client makes all final decisions. Honeywell Mediation can help you to understand your role in this matter.

For instance, if the Third Party Administration services you are providing involve a company’s medical needs, it is vital to understand that a Third Party Administration firm isn’t the one that makes any medical decisions. Normally, by the time they are involved in this process, the patient has already received said medical care and the Third Party Administration firm is merely handling any required paperwork and other administrative issues.

Honeywell Mediation will help you to design a flexible and personalized Third Party Administration administered plan for your business. You can be assured that everything will be negotiated within the parameters and needs of your employees and your company.

The bottom line is that if your business needs assistance in setting up a Third Party Administration agreement in order to facilitate some sort of benefits or other needs, then you can contact Honeywell Mediation services right away.